Pink Scallop Sweater Shirt

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..Hello Ted Baker, my name is Katie, and I have recently come across your line and am in LOVE with your beautiful shirts, the high quality and classic style. But your items are a tad pricey and so I must pick my favorite shirt and you. are. it.  
But in all seriousness.. I cannot get over how I am just noticing Ted Baker's beautiful pieces. They really are so timeless and classic and the quality is definitely there. This piece has subtle Swarovski details on the collar and I love how it combines the scallop edge on the bottom for a faux layered shirt look. I couldn't possibly actually layer a button down over a thin little sweater though. I have tried. And what tends to happen is that I feel like my arms are wrapped in duct tape and that I cannot move comfortably because layering with a cute little tight sweater over a full sleeve button down is really very uncomfortable.. in my opinion that is. So, I bring you this faux layered shirt. Where you can spread your wings and conquer the world without feeling the restrictions of movement in your arms or shoulders. And I also bring to you these Fringe Jeans that are super stretchy and comfortable. These pastels colors are just what my beige, white, ivory, and black fall wardrobe needed. 
Ps. I am still loving these earrings! They look so high end and it doesn't bother me when people ask if they are Chanel (which, they are not). You cannot see in the link how pretty the mother of pearl detailing is, so please note! They are so pretty in person. My mom was wearing them over the summer so I totally bought a pair myself.


For those of you who asked, here is an alternative top and shoe for less:



Artwork is by Jenn Thatcher

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