Welcome to Clagett Designs


I bring to you all the things I love the most; my family, home, interior decorating, entertaining and lifestyle. I began Clagett Designs as a business in 2011, where I handcrafted jewelry and sold it across the United States. From a young age, I've always enjoyed pursuing anything that had to do with being creative. It comes naturally to me to see something, work on it, and bring my vision to life. Whether it's as small as creating a pastry item, to a full party design, to as large as something like completely renovating a home, there is always a way to bring to life what you wish to see. And the details in each task is what's most fundamental, and that's where I thrive. 

Thank you so much for visiting. I love hearing from readers! Please feel free to contact me to say hello - it's the biggest compliment I could ever receive.

I am accepting select new projects for residential design projects. I work with clients both locally and state-wide virtually. If you are interested in interior design help, please contact me here: KHGrabner@gmail.com