Kim and Proper Dress

Posted by Katie Grabner on

Truth be told, I hadn't really planned on sharing this on a blog post, but I loved this dress so much. It felt so effortless. The dress has pockets, and it was so nice to have a place to slip my lipgloss and phone during the client meetings I had this day without weighting it down. Can you even tell mine were in my pockets?! I also loved how I could roll the sleeves up and cuff them to give the dress a whole new preppy look. Kim and Proper did a great job in designing this dress

These wedges are also so comfortable for their height as well. Brand new, they feel like the type of shoes you have owned and worn for ages. The straps are placed in all of the right places for my comfort and I love them. I'm also loving these earrings I am wearing, which you cannot see in these pictures. I've even been asked if they are Chanel, which by all means is a compliment in my books. 










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