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I have to admit, I am not a romper person. I keep trying to like them, but every time I try one on, I don't get the vibe I was hoping for. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some that I do love! But in general, I'm a dress girl! Jumpsuits, on the other hand.. well, I basically categorized them in the "romper" category in the past while shopping. So admittedly, this might be the first one I've tried on! And I am a BIG FAN! It could have just been a lucky buy, but I am all about the comfort this jumpsuit provided (AND POCKETS). It was so effortless wearing this and was easy to take care of two wild toddlers while wearing (big plus). I will definitely be adding more jumpsuits to my wardrobe this summer, so I wanted to share some that I love that are all mostly in stock in all sizes currently! This one I am wearing, is on pre-order, but I promise, it is worth the wait. I ordered my normal size and it was very comfortable with a little extra room. You'll definitely see me wearing it this summer!

PS. THESE YELLOW WEDGES! SOOO comfortable. I love them. They come in multiple colors and I'm thinking about getting a neutral color too.   

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