Casual Friday Night In + Parker's New Bike

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We have had a whirlwind of a week with a big charity event on Saturday, 15 family members to celebrate Parker's 3rd Birthday on Sunday, the first day of Preschool on Monday... whew! Not to mention we had to stay at school the first few days to ease the newbies into the process. We went out a second night to celebrate Parker's actual birthday and then we also had some family in town this week following this and got to meet a new baby and member of the family over dinner and now we are rolling right into a big wedding weekend of our very close family friends! So, tonight (Friday) definitely called for a night in to relax! 





We still can't believe that Parker just turned three! Moreover, he got a bike for his birthday and we are stunned that he is riding it like a pro. I read online that some kids start at 5 years old, so I wasn't sure it was the best gift to give to a 3 year old. My hubby was convinced that was what we should get, after we saw him trying to snag our neighbors bikes so many times.




We opted for this bike, that had a nice little video highlighting it's features and why they are helpful for first time bike riders. It has wider wheels for better balance as well extended training wheels to help keep early learners steady. You can back stop break with the puddles, which was really easy for Parker to pick up on as well as handle break, which has an easy reach for little fingers. We went for WHITE because we heard that they grow out of bikes so quickly. This way, it can be passed down and is gender neutral. 

The Micro Mini scooter is also hands down the best if you don't have one and you have little ones. Parker was scooting along with no help around the age of 2 and was fast! We were so shocked that he picked up on it so quickly. Charlotte is now 19 months and is just learning to ride it as well. She's scooting along carefully and slowly, but her coordination is very much there. We love it because it has adjustable handle bars, which is great for growing with you and the two wheels in the front for easy balance. It's a must in any house hold for younger ones!! 

The Joovy helmet was great for a first helmet, because it was adjustable inside. It worked for ages 1-3, but now is getting a little snug on P as a new three-year-old. I can't believe how quickly they grow!! And how is my first born already riding a bike?!!



 We hope you have a nice long weekend, friends! Thanks for reading along. 




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