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It's been a while since I've shared something here. But I love sharing a quick mom hack. 

I was out to dinner with a few couples the other night and one of my friends looked at us and said how she couldn't stand all of the little trinkets her son comes home with. We were on the topic of Valentine's Day, and this is what she was referring to. A little bit, surprised, I listened. She continued that she didn't love all of the 'cheap' toys, as they just end up in the garbage sooner or later.

I can't say I didn't totally agree with her at this point. But my view point has always been a little shifted. I thought parents and moms wanted little trinkets (or 'cheap' toys) over sugar and candy. And our last school had a no candy rule. 

Whenever possible, I always try to aim for practical or acceptable. If I'm going to pick a treat, I try to make it organic, like Annie's gummies.  Not always, but when possible. And when I have the choice, sometimes I choose a little trinket. And I know my kids are getting a little older, and as they get a little older, I know this will shift again.

So, on the topic of Valentine's Day, I decided to go with practical and useful. Check out what I picked below and download our Free Valentine's Day cards that I personally designed and made and have them printed on card stock courtesy of me! Enjoy!

Buy the below to pair linked, and voilà! A Valentine most parents will not turn down.



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