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I call this room, the Bride's Room! You may have seen some of the fun of this project coming together on my Instagram Stories. This room is extra special and that is part of the reason on why I am sharing it! There is nothing quite like getting a phone call 10 days before a wedding saying, "Let's give this room a makeover!" Luckily, it was my sweet Mom behind the madness! My little sister's wedding was days away, and her room really just needing some, eeer - major, tweaking. 

My sister's, Margot and Madeline, had already started scheming on end tables on a bed frame. So I came in to help order and organize, add and install all of the final details and finishing touches!  (Aka. I also had to call all of my vendors and ask for a major RUSH favor for all of the items we needed ASAP and get them installed before all of the events started!)

The wallpaper, curtains and carpeting had been done years ago in this same room. And obviously, this wasn't an option to update them this close to the wedding (or really needed). It really started with wanting to update the room to a queen size bed. It previously had a gorgeous upholstered full-size headboard, but one of the kids room in the house needed some updates for a true guest room. The other rooms already had full-sized beds too, but none a queen, so a queen was a much more comfortable option for one of the rooms.

Over time, the room collected lots of childhood and high school memorabilia, the dressers knobs had fallen off, there was a desk (a pretty desk at that) that was full of items that was no longer being used and most importantly, the placement of the bed and the dresser was just off. The bed previously sat on the opposite wall, in front of vintage french doors that lead out to the walk-out front porch of our childhood century home. The bed just never seemed to have the right placement over the years of living there. Funny thing, this room used to be mine, and a twin side bed sat nestled up against a wall when I was a little girl. Believe it or not.. I convinced my little sister when I was in high school that she should take my bedroom.. So I could have her bedroom and open up the double sided bookshelf separating two of the bedrooms upstairs (reason why there was no longer a true guest room). Such a sweet older sister thing to do, right? Give her my room, so I could upgrade to a much bigger one. She went for it. 

To make the room look as wonderful as it does today, we started by taking down all of the old high school pictures covering all of the walls. You know, the ones my sister filled with all of her friends growing up in tons of frames. And from there it next went to additional decluttering. My sisters took out the oversized Pottery Barn white desk that was full with books and a collection of shot glasses on display. It was crowding the room and no longer needed in an empty nester home. Next, we got rid of the eggshell blue large wicker side table that I sadly did not get a picture of crowding the french doors. We then got new knobs to update the antique dresser. Also, we had a wall-to-wall mirrors placed on the built in closets on the opposite wall.

Once the new headboard, frame, mattress and nightstands arrived, I took over and made the walls, the nightstand styling and the final touches to all of the bedding my big priority right before the wedding. It wasn't stressful at all! It's not like we had a nails night Wednesday and a spray tan night Thursday, a bridesmaids luncheon on Friday, a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Friday afternoon and evening and full-on day of beauty and pictures for the wedding or anything on Saturday!! I kid. I called one of my vendors on Tuesday to ask when the items would be arriving for my 'big' install that was planned to be the following day. Everything was supposed to be scheduled to arrive on Tuesday after all. When I made my call it was so pleasant to hear the words, "Everything hasn't shipped yet." What on Earth?! It was supposed to be delivered that day. Luckily, I took 100 deep breaths and got everything to arrive by Thursday with some serious effort. Whew. No, seriously, whew

I must say, with my tight timeline, mostly all of the pillow makers and vendors I work with for knick knacks could not deliver many of the pieces I loved in time. So, this all came together with a very limited availability in product selection and major hunting down of pieces. I have to say, with all of that in mind, and with most of the things I really would have liked to order that were unavailable on our tight timeframe, I am quite pleased with how it turned out! I really do adore how it all came together.

We had the beautiful antique prints over the bed from my sister's God Father, who also happens to be a well known Interior Designer in the area, whom I admire very much, and several other antiques on hand to add to the look. The 19 c. Chinese Canton Lamp on the dresser, the antique porcelain plates on the wall and dresser, the gorgeous antique gold gilded victorian mirror, those stunning antique Rose-Quarts Chinese Foo Dogs on the night stand (*swoon*) and some staffordshires to name a few. (Are you getting on the antique theme of this home?) It was really just a matter sorting and placing those gorgeous pieces and purchasing the remaining.

Here's the completed look! As you have probably all caught on to, the Old English and Antique vibe is a big part of this home. So I made it a point to incorporate an antique feel with a modern day clean-lines look. Also, not pictured is the awesome sconce I found (which was admittedly a pain to track down to arrive in time from any of the 8 vendors I called, but I found one and it made it! (only admitting this because this is a family project!)). The sconce hangs on the wall above a darling upholstered chair that is not included because my sisters bridesmaids gifts were pilled high besides it. Also not pictured are  those vintage french doors and the mirrored wall to wall closets we had installed. I plan to share more pictures another time.

We kept the antique pagoda white lantern on the ceiling that was mine when I grew up too! Isn't it so darling?

I hope you enjoy the room and thanks for reading along friends! All in all, this room was SO much fun to work on with everyone that helped AND so rewarding to see completed!! It was especially fun having the bridesmaids and family spray tan party there on Thursday prior to the wedding when I was installing! I'm so thrilled it was all ready for my little sisters big day!

Lots of love,  -Katie













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