Blue and White Patio Remodel

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This project was a dream to work on. We started scheming on this exactly a year ago (November 2018). The cushions were previously a dark green floral pattern. It worked for this Old English themed century home, that happens to be my parents house, but with so many years of use, it was needing a refresh. Blue is the new green, right?

My mom hosted an event where Mark D. Sikes came to speak a few years ago, and we have both been so on board with the blue trend. Especially since the rise of wonderful Mark! This beautiful Schumacher fabric on the main cushions has a subtle pattern in it that was the perfect compliment to the Thibaut dining chairs we had made. The dining chairs are a little more playful and fun, and how amazing is it to have dining seating for 22? (plus 4 adorable little toddler chairs too!) 

All the more special, the furniture is all antique rod-iron, that was inherited from my dad's parents. It was such a treat to be a part of this project and I'm so thrilled to see it completed. I'm even more pleased that I will be able to enjoy it with my family for years to come! 

See below for the 'before!'



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