Soundbot Multi-Unit Bluetooth Speaker Review

Posted by Katie Grabner on

One thing you need to know about me is that I love to entertain. I don't get to do it as much as I'd like to as a parent, but I do love to play hostess when I can.  When it comes to having friends over, music is an important way to 'set the mood.'
Music is always a great way to bring some good vibes into any situation, but especially a way to make a room not feel so sterile when friends are over. We've had a handful of wireless speakers, so we were excited to try out some a new one. One of the things that comes along with entertaining, however, is wanting to play music in multiple rooms. You don't want to just blast music on one wireless bluetooth speaker and not have it heard in another space, or worse, have it over-powering where you are hanging out the most. We've been wanting to a get a system that plays music wirelessly on more than one speaker for some time now. So naturally, we were really excited to try out Soundbots SB571PRO Bluetooth Multi-Unit Speaker Set.
The best way to test out whether we loved it or not? -- By entertaining of course! We loved how we were able to play the same music in two different locations in our home. I know this will be even more important to us when we entertain over the summer evenings indoors and outdoors. I think this system is the perfect volume for a small to medium dinner parties. The system is also really affordable, in my opinion too, which I think is the best part. 
I was happy to share my honest feedback with you about this product, in exchange for the speakers. Thanks for reading along! 

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