Three So Far

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Outfit is courtesy of Andy & Evan 

I cannot even handle the cuteness! My sweet little guy is three years old and the best thing about this age is his happy-go-lucky nature and seeing the world in a happy, positive and imaginative way. I love this age for so many reasons. I love that Parker is independent but still needs our help. It's really hitting me that he is growing up, so at times when I might be a little frustrated that I have a lot of things to do and need to get them done, if he asks for more snuggles at night (after attempting to put him to bed for over and hour) or help with something, I think with the, "Someday he won't need my help as much" mind set and eagerly agree. (Even if he's already used every excuse in the book to not go to bed and we are way passed his bedtime.. when I'd usually 'put the foot down' to say it's time for bed buddy, I'm spending the extra time with him if he asks for it. or pulling him into bed at 5:00 am if he's at our bedside and there is no school the next day, instead of putting him back to bed). 

He's always been a wonderful big brother and he continues to be. He is kind and caring and loves to play with Charlotte. 

I'm astonished by his swimming and how he is doing free-stroke and swimming in his lessons with flippers. He's comfortable and confident in the water. I'm even more astonished that on his third birthday we gave him a bike and he started riding it right away and is so great on it! He was beyond excited to show his neighbors.

I love how he tells us stories and recaps his day to us at night in bed. It's so cute. He also loves to read books and will ask for more and more at night. He also loves to read them to us. And when books are over he has to put one under his pillow to sleep with. He doesn't like the dark though. We have several night lights in his room, but he prefer to sleep with a light on. 

He loves helping daddy with projects so much. Any chance he can get to get in the action he does. He loves to be given a task.

He loves dinosaurs, trucks, and cooking in his kitchen. His favorite game is hide and seek and that there is a "lion coming, shhhh shhh!" 

He doesn't like loud noises and is easily bothered by noises that wouldn't bother someone else. 

He's the sweetest little boy and I couldn't feel luckier to call him mine! 



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