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These are some of our favorite items that we currently own and also some of our big wish list items for this year. I'm sharing more of our favorites below! It's amazing to see toddlers and young children grow and even more amazing to watch their imaginations flourish.

1. We love the Picassa Tiles because you can build various things out of them. It's easy for children to understand them. We love building car garages and barns out and houses/castles out of them!

2. The Micro Mini Scooter is a must for any toddler or child! We received one as a gift. I was astonished when Parker started to scoot along on his effortlessly when he was two years old. Charlotte rides it now too, with help on the direction of it and she started at 1.5 (she's a little advanced on walking etc). You want this one because it's easy to turn, and it is ADJUSTABLE. Don't make the mistake of buying one that is not adjustable to your child's height. The two wheels in the front helps them to balance easily, like training wheels. It comes in several colors too.

3. If you have a little on into dinosaurs, we love the soft ones. These ones are bendable and larger, for fun play. 

4. If you need a beginner bike, this is the one we love. I got white so I could pass it down to Charlotte too. It has thick wheels to help balance on early learners, and wider training wheels. It has a break that is easy for little hands to reach too. It is Parker's pride and joy. We gave it to him on his 3rd birthday and he picked it up immediately. I couldn't believe it! 

5. This doll house is darling and more affordable than some. It even comes with some starter furniture! 

6. This little vanity is dainty and has a little storage bench too. So cute.

7. What better than a darling little activity book by our favorite Beaufort Bonnet Company. If you don't own a pair of their PJ's yet, you need to!

8. This little barn is really cute. It comes with some farm friends to start with, it has an easy handle to hold on the top too. It also has lots of locks to play with for little ones that are curious.

9. Imagination is key with little ones. A vey set is sure to make those imaginations flourish. It's on our wishlist!

10. The sweetest little bonnet I ever did see! Check out all of the other darling items at TBBC :)

11. What little one doesn't need an Art Easel! I hope Santa brings this too us this year! Or grandma and grandpa!

12. This tote comes in multiple colors. It's been our go-to bag for the pool. We love it! Every parent needs one for their little ones things!

13. All of the Melissa & Doug Toy Trucks are a big hit at our house. This one had a fun magnet feature Parker loves. 

14. Super Market!! This is a top wish list item for us this year. Santa might have to bring this one to our house! If you have the room for one, your littles will spend hours playing imaginary shopping and check out.

15. Musical instruments for those fun family band seasons

16. Has your little one watched the movie Coco? Say no more.

17. Piano fun. It's part of the band!

18. Super market essentials for a starter kit!

19. Horses are a hot topic at our house. Miss Charlotte is obsessed with them. And now both kiddies beg for piggy back horse rides as we sprint around the house. So we would be loving two of these. Santa?

20. I love this makeup kit because it has enough pieces in it to share with a play date friend or sibling. No one needs an argument over pretend lipstick. 

21. Happy Birthday is a favorite song at our house. A birthday cake only seems like it will light our little ones eyes right up!

22. Parker has this play wallet. He likes to pretend pay at the grocery store and organize his wallet and in the car. He adores it so much. We need another because Miss Charlotte likes to play with it so much too.


Below is a combination of the above and some other favorites we LOVE or know that we would love! Enjoy and happy holiday shopping friends!


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