TBBC Mommy and Me // 19 Months

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Be still my heart!! These are the pictures I will look back on and shed many tears! I love matching with my sweet baby girl in our Beaufort Bonnet Company Mommy and Me. How is it that it is already past Labor Day Weekend? 

Charlotte is 19 months old and here are some of my favorite things that she has been up to lately.

Whenever she sees an animal that resembles a horse, or a horse, she very excitedly says, "Horsey! Horsey! Horsey!!!"

Whenever we open the first page of the Good Night Moon book, Charlotte excitedly points to the bowl of mush and says, "Ice cream, ice cream!"

She just learned how to ride the micro mini scooter.

She really wants to go to the potty on the potty and asks frequently, but has not really gone yet.

She loves trying on mommy's shoes and walking around the house in them.

She just learned most of her animal noises and has Lion, Horse, Duck, Bird and Cat down.

She's been counting for 4 months or so now. She loves counting when she walks up and down the stairs. Every time I start counting by saying "one" she beams with delight and says "TWO!" 

She is absolutely obsessed with daddy. To the point where he cannot be in a room without her running and crying for him.

She is napping every day from 1:15 to 4:30

She goes to bed right at 8 pm and sleeps through the night without waking up.

She is my food lady. She needs snacks and dinner right. on. time.

She loves milk

She has never slept in our bed with us once (other than a late night BFing as a newborn), even if we tried she would stay awake and play. She loves her crib

She is obsessed with books and wants to read a minimum of 3-4 per night and asks for more.

She sits down for some movies now, but doesn't have a big attention span for it all.

She has been putting sentences together!! 

She still loves to help. If you ask her to throw something away, she will go and do it. She sometimes does it unprompted even! If you ask her to help put the washed laundry into the dryer, she loves to help. She is always proud to help with a task :)

She is  20.4 lbs and 30.5" tall 

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