Blueberry Picking

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Recently, Jeff and I took our kiddos to a local blueberry picking farm. We haven't gone to pick berries as a family activity yet, so when we found ourselves with some free time on a Saturday morning, off we went! 

It was a fun experience for ourselves and the kids. I was surprised that Charlotte also enjoyed the experience and carrying around the bucket, who was then 17 months old. While she picked most of the green, non-ripe, berries, and ate them all, she had fun keeping up with Parker and finding berry treasures on the ground too. Parker (2, almost 3), on the other hand, did a wonderful job of carefully selecting blueberries and filling his bucket!  

I love to share pictures, so I thought I'd add a few below. My only mom tip here is that don't be afraid of wearing white. I didn't even think about what we were wearing before we went, I just dressed Charlotte in her darling berry onesie (similar here and here and both on sale) and dressed Parker to match. Inevitably, Charlotte sat in some blueberries, and I was happy to report that wearing white was super easy to remove the stains (hello bleach!

Have you ever gone berry picking? What has been your favorite experience with your kiddos? I'd love to hear! 

P.S. We also made a Blueberry Pie too! Check out the recipe we used here!

























And the end result... :)









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