Charlotte's 14 Month Update

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I cannot believe my sweet baby girl is 14 months old already! I've shared this in the past, but miss Charlotte is the one that keeps us on our toes! She has always been very ahead on her milestones. I'm talking about rolling super early, walking at 9 months (!!), talking like crazy.. she's a busy determined little girl. One of the biggest updates to share is that her talking has really picked up, closer to the 1 year mark. She is currently repeating most words you say. She has been walking around the house counting, "one, twooooo, threee!" for a while, and now is counting to five. If you say "one, two" she says, "three!" It's pretty cute. Additionally, Hi and buh-bye, boat, baby, uh-oh were some of the first words after Dada and Mama. Whenever you ask her a question, she is quick to respond with a chipper and short "Yeah." It's really ironic to me, because Parker was quick to say No at her age. Come to think of it, it took a long long time for Parker to start saying yes. (Now he loves saying "yes," as in, the grammatically correct version of it, and it's really funny and darling). And Charlotte has not once said the word no.. so it's a big change in scenery between the two kids. (Trust me, I know the "no word" in toddlerhood is coming one day for C, but I'm pretty pleased it hasn't arrived yet). 

Charlotte is still also the same old climbing Monkey she was before. She's like a little acrobat gymnast that comes in the tiniest of packages. She loves to climb whenever she can, including up slides still (she started doing this at 8 months) and the usual places too, like stairs --- yay for the baby gate phase again. She has also discovered that she can stand on the foot rest of our barstools to hoist herself up (yikes), and now she's stepping up on her high chair to check out the remaining mess she created too. She also likes to get up on the coffee table and stand up! Yay for mommy (ugh). 

She's a big fan of milk in her sippy cup too. Once we took the bottle away from P, he just was noooot a milk fan. He's always been a big water guy though, and so is Charlotte. I always make sure they have water available, as it's the essence of life you all!! 

As for size on the charts, she is 17.9 lbs. If you're wondering how that compares, that's small. Our darling friends 5 month old is currently 18 lbs, and that's a 9 month difference. Every baby and toddler grow in their own way, and each one turns out one way or another, which isn't really particular to their baby size anyway. But miss Charlotte's nickname "peanut" is really sticking. She's just a tiny little girl. 

I'd like to keep things light and positive too. But C is also in general, a lot needier than Parker ever was at the witching hours and mornings too. She likes your attention and is good at demanding it at times. When she's upset, she likes to be held, which can be challenging when you are trying to cook dinner. She and Parker also play all day long together as well, and it's so so so sweet. So this can come as a good distraction for her too. I adore it and it helps that I can get a few things done while they do play together. I love how she looks up to her big brother. She has also developed a nice LOUD screech when he takes a toy from her too! ;)


She has also been using a spoon and fork for a while and also likes to eat off a plate.. and then throw it on the floor. True life. She'll also drink from a cup if you help her. She's started with straw sippy cups at 6 months old (both C and P were really quick and early to learn this) and they never used the kind you tilt your head back with to drink.

She is also in swim lessons, and has cried at every single one of them except the very first one.

She also is a total daddy's girl. She loves her daddy. Whenever she sees him she definitely cries for him and runs to him crying. Don't get me wrong, she loves her mommy too, but she has a big love for her dada. Mommy appreciates a break from holding her when it happens to be a witching hour too ;)

This morning she said, "I love you." Heart melting!! And she's saying advanced words this week, like purple. It is also noteworthy to mention that she says thank you when I give her something, eek! I'm so proud of my sweet little girl and I love watching her grow into the little sweetheart she is today. Thanks for reading!

(PS. Parker didn't talk at all like this, this early. So don't be worried or compare if your darling little one isn't!!) 


Charlotte wakes up between 7 am and 7:30 am. She has milk in the morning and then we have breakfast around 8 - 8:15 am. She is in between two naps and one nap right now. She used to nap at 10 am and 2 pm, and now she is napping at 10 am for 1.5-2.5 hours and again at 4 pm until about 5:30 pm. If she takes two naps, we eat lunch right after she wakes up from her morning nap around 12:00-12:30. She is the type of toddler and baby that likes to bed fed right away. Lately, we can sometimes have her take just one nap a day. That would be at 12:30 or 12:45 pm, after lunch. She will usually sleep until at least 2:30 at the earliest and sometimes 3:30-4pm.  If she takes one nap a day, it's usually a longer one and she needs the sleep. She has milk twice more during the day before bed. We eat dinner around 6:15 and she goes to bed promptly at 8 pm and sleeps through the night.

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