A Quick Hello & Update! (15 months & 2.5)

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Charlotte's Outfit: Shirt//Nantucket Kids, Bloomers//Nantucket Kids, Bonnet//Nantucket Kids, Shoes//Lamour Shoes

Parker's Outfit: Shirt//Nantucket Kids, Shorts//Janie and Jack, Shoes//Sperry, Belt, Janie and Jack


Hi sweet friends!

It's always so funny, the rambunctiousness behind taking pictures. I always think, 'oh we didn't get any good ones this time,' but low and behold, every time I flip through our images, I have so many that I can't choose my favorite. I love having these pictures to cherish and hold on to the memories of my precious babies at the various stages they go through so very quickly!

I looked back at the images I took over Christmas, and cannot believe how much these two have grown, even since then. Charlotte was just learning the walk at longer and quicker paces, her hair was much shorter and now she is scurrying around and practically running. Parker's vocabulary has probably tripled since then and he forms sentences all of the time very eloquently. The speed at which these two learn things is amazing and astonishing. 

Charlotte is currently 15 months. She is counting 1-10 all day long. She skips a few numbers, but it is so cute to see her associate going up and down the stairs with counting. Sometimes in the morning when she wakes up we hear her counting too. She is also wanting to be very independent with going up and down the stairs. She wants to hold on to the railing on her own and go down the stairs by herself. When she tries, it ends up looking like a little jump, because she just goes both feet at a time. She very much needs our help with that still, but she is starting to walk up the stairs on her own (while I'm right behind her). She will always gladly take our hand too.

I have to say, Charlotte is a little bit more manipulative in her ways. She is very good at earning the attention she wants, even if you are unable to give it to her (like when making meals for them etc). More so than Parker ever was. She is great at playing with her big brother, but also still very demanding of our time and attention. She is also very much a schedule baby, she likes to eat right on schedule and she likes to go to bed and nap at the same time. We can stray from it slightly if she is not at our house and if she is distracted. In fact, she recently made the full jump from two naps (10 am and 4 pm) to one long nap at 1:15.

She wakes around 7:15 am, has some whole milk, has breakfast, plays, has lunch at 12:15, goes down for her nap right after at 1:15 and then naps until sometimes 4:30 pm. She has no problem going to bed at 8 pm and we know sleep is what she needs to keep her happy. Some days her naps are much shorter.

She is also repeating everything you ask her to. She is a superstar at talking and it blows my mind. She will respond with "thank you," unprompted, when given something. She loves to wave and say, "Hi!" to other people and children. She especially loves when I sing and dance with her and she loves "Head, and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" right now. She is recognizing and pointing to her head, eyes, nose, and toes and lights up with excitement and jolts her hands on her head when I start singing the song. P.S. She started saying, "No" right after I published her 14 month update. Go figure! 

She also has gotten better at sitting a little more still while reading books. 


Parker has made leaps and bounds!! He is very into sports lately and he is very active. He LOVES his swimming lessons. At his most recent class, he was going down to the bottom of the shallow end to pick up rings with his instructor! (She assists him in going under, and he goes down to the bottom, grabs the ring and pushes off the bottom to come back up!) I find this very impressive for two years old, if I say so myself! He loves being underwater and he loves swimming. He has come such a long way since starting our lessons with her. It's unbelievable. 

Parker has also been fully potty trained for 3 months. He goes to the bathroom on his own. I honestly thought that it might be early to try before he was 2.5 years old, but I have some tips that worked out really well for us. He caught on really quickly. 

Something that we find absolutely adorable is that every time we put on a shirt for him, he goes, "Mom, I got one! Do you have one mom?!" (while looking to see if I have a whale, pony, or birdie on my shirt). He loves showing us his little logo on his shirts, with lots of excitement, regardless of what it is! And same goes for pockets. If he has a shirt with a pocket, he shows us proudly and looks to see if we have one too! 

He also always says, "What's that noise?" all of the time. He is curious bout what is happening around him, and it's really sweet. He repeats a lot of the things he tells us multiple times as well. To the point where we really need to say, "Yes, we got it bud, that's so cool!" (It's something like, "I saw a barn. Mom, I saw a barn. Mom, I saw a barn. There's a barn mom. I saw a barn. There's a barn there mom. Mom, there's a barn." And acknowledging him the first 5 times just isn't enough.)

We also dropped the use of pacifiers completely. He was only able to have one for sleeping with the last few months or so, and before that he was only able to use them for car rides and sleeping. I noticed when we stopped using them for car rides, he became much more observant and talked a lot in the car about what he was seeing outside. We have been pacifier free for about 5 weeks or so. We have been battling a going to bed issue for a very long time now, but he totally dropped his nap during the same we stopping using the binks. He has always been a GREAT napper. He definitely is very overtired around 5pm now that he's not taking one.

Additionally, he loves crafts, he loves helping us with projects, and he is starting to clean up his toys (when we ask)! He also would wear his rainboots just about anywhere if I let him. Lastly, it's really fun seeing him use his micro mini scooter. 

I love writing down these milestones so I can always remember.

Thanks for stopping by!

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