Create Your Own Custom Mantel Garland For The Holidays

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Hi Friends! 

Last year, I had so much fun piecing together a lovely garland on my mantel by using different garland and different faux floral pieces I found at Michael's. This year, I wanted to create a layered look again, by using different pieces from Michael's that I found this year. I went to Michael's and picked out pieces that I thought would match the look I was going for. I love doing this instead of just a garland, because it is a much fuller and robust look than a thin piece of garland, whether real or faux. I wanted to share how I pieced together my mantel this year. I am using photos, so you can see how it changes along the way! 


Unfortunately, I am not yet sharing my completed look! But I will be soon :) Stay tuned for that! I've added a few extra pops for my final look.


To start: This is a faux wire garland from Michael's, I got it on sale for $2 (originally $4)! This garland is always my base. It adds volume to your final look and will not be seen at all in the end. See how unexciting it looks alone?


Spread apart all of the wire pieces so it becomes a good base, like so:


Next up, add a second garland. It doesn't totally matter what it looks like, as it won't really be seen. Mine is just one I've had.


Now I've already added two garlands.. and it still looks pretty blah to me.. So keep on going to give it that height and wow! 

Next up, I'm using a Eucalyptus piece I found at a local flower mart vendor in Cleveland that is only open to wholesale business. Target sells a similar one that I LOVE here.


Mine is wire, so I spread apart all of the leaves to make it look really full!


Keep on giving the piece height, by separating the wires like so:


See how much height I have now? It's starting to come together!


Next up, I found these single faux Eucalyptus pieces at Micheal's. My ends need some oomph. So I added two to each end to give it closure and more height. See how my left end is boring and not full below?


I arranged the pieces to give this piece an ending with some more volume. Hanging over the mantel a little adds more dimension and interest. Don't have your piece end before your mantel ends. You want to have it be stately! See how I added mine below:


See how these pieces hang over the mantel a bit for a beautiful statement below? What a difference!


Here are the layers together so far.. what a difference from the first one! And we have height! Just what I was going for! It looks pretty fresh and real to me too ;) I almost could leave it just like this!


Next, here is your chance to add your own statement. I'm 100% a gold girl.. but this year, I wanted to add some silvers and whites. The glitter was calling my name! Use this opportunity to layer in what you love. I did four pieces like this and four different pieces to sprinkle in evenly.. See below:



I spaced out two in the middle center, leaving room for my second accent (if you can see behind):


Below, you can see I've added the two to one side. I left room to put something else in the center and in between the first two I have here. Mirror on the other side.


Next, I have my whites. These will be my center show piece and go in between my other four that I have evening spaced on the mantel. 


You want to keep things even. But my biggest tip of all is BUY MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED. It's easier to return what you don't want, than going back mid-project for more and loosing all motivation..

I can't wait to share my final look soon. I added a touch of gold too! Woo hoo! Gold girl, through and through :)

I hope this was helpful in showing how you can create your own custom mantel decor for the holidays!







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