Adding A Splash of Color with Great Throw Pillows

Posted by Katie Grabner on


I added a splash of color in our family room, which is primarily off whites with pops of blue. In this new(ish) home of ours, I am still decorating as we go. I have a lot of plans for this room, but I'm so happy to see everything in its state today! I love this Caitlin Wilson herringbone throw blanket and the pillows! I've been trying to find someone who sells them retail, but I did have them made custom. Anything would go in front of our favorite dusty blue pillows though, I'm sharing some others I love below. Now, what are your thoughts on a, shriek, white coffee table?! I'd like to do a bone one, but I'm afraid that just won't make it through a whole year with two busy toddlers.. I'd regret that one! I found one I love with a glass top.. lots of windex.. but maybe I could say goodbye to the knicks. I want to hear what you think!





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