Blue and White Wall Plates

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Over the weekend my hubby and I checked out an Antique Show that's been coming around for 35 years to the area. I really had no idea what to expect from the one-day show, but I definitely was hoping to score some beautiful one of a kind furniture or artwork. I quickly measured some spots in the house before leaving for the show. When we got there, we walked through some covered areas showing some antiques, like dolls and collectibles, but nothing that really caught my eye. There was some costume jewelry, a rug vendor and a little bit of quaker style furniture pieces. It was fun to walk the show, but I didn't feel like there was much to be seen. Luckily, we found some beautiful antique plates, made a deal, and didn't go home empty handed! Now I'm off to find the perfect spots around our home to hang the pieces. I'm assuming I'll have to but a few more platters to complete the look, but for now, I have everything unpacked and I cannot wait to see what I come up with!


I found a few inspiration pictures and hope you enjoy! I also found the exact set I bought online and a few others just like mine. Since most are antiques, there is only one available from each seller, so I'm sure they won't stay stocked for long.









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