Clagett in Emma's Boutique

Posted by Katie Grabner on

It couldn't be more fitting for Clagett Designs Jewelry to be featured in Emma's Boutique. The trendy shop resides in Clagett's hometown - Chagrin Falls, OH. We love Emma's for its fashion-forward focus and stylish clothing. Our favorite part? It all comes at a veryaffordable price point. Cute clothes at the right price? It's a win win!

You can also find chic accessories like scarves, clutches, bags, belts and jewelry. We couldn't be happier that we could have our jewelry showcased in a local store that embodies the same values that we do - fun, affordable items at a great price!

A fun fact you should know about Clagett? Some items in stores are uniquely made for the store alone and not sold through Clagett!
Check out our display in Emma's Boutique below:

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