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With Clagett's first summer in business, we are proud to announce that we have had a bountiful showing of brides needing jewelry for their big days! Whether the girls needed jewelry for themselves or their bridal party, we made sure to please. If you didn't already know, Clagett is big on making custom jewelry! We get all sorts of requests and we do a great job of keeping your price down.

One of our brides recently sent us her outfits for her bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner, and wedding day. She told us that her colors were light pink, navy and gold. She also told us that she wanted a great statement necklace to pair with her wedding gown but didn't want to overwhelm the dress. She was also looking for suggestions for her other two outfits. The bride was very impressed and urged us to put the looks we came up with online. With her colors and ideas in mind, here is what we showed the beaming bride-to-be!

The bride chose the Navy Three Leaf Statement necklace and wanted to see some other bracelet options!
(Pictured below)

The bride and I both agreed that her wedding day jewelry took priority. We wanted to make sure that we came up with enough choices for her! The bride loved the jewelry so much that she chose two necklaces for her wedding day!

We were so happy when the bride picked out jewelry from each of our outfit pairings. We know that this adorable bride will look fabulous this September when she walks down the aisle! 

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