Parker's 3rd Birthday

Posted by Katie Grabner on

How lucky for us that we were able to celebrate our son's 3rd birthday with our immediate family! We had everyone over for dinner and cake on Sunday evening, as Parker's actual birthday fell on the first day of preschool. It was going to be a casual evening with family, however, I ended up going to Michael's and the Party store.. and came home with the above. ..And I even went back for a second trip (to both) too. (Insert shrugging emoji here. Oops). In my defense, we had 15 people, and some of our siblings weren't even in town! Our immediate family is big and I can't help myself when it comes to an opportunity to decorate.
I went with the newest theme of The Beaufort Bonnet Company's new fall line with the green and blue duck print. Unfortunately our duck print clothes didn't arrive in time, but we loved adding little details in the decor within the color scheme. The green balloons did throw that off a little bit though, admittedly! But we topped it off with a big bow! I hope you enjoy the look and thank you for reading along!

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