Charlotte's First Birthday!

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I cannot believe our little peanut is ONE! She has the biggest personality. She is determined and she a very fast learner. She has always kept us on our toes. We love her to pieces!! 

We threw a little birthday party for her with just our families and Charlotte's God Father's family :) We were aiming to keep the get together simple, but if you know me, I just can't resist making a little splash when given the opportunity. After all, it was my first (and only) daughters first birthday! Even though we weren't having a big party, I added a few elements to make it fun and extra pink. A rose bar was a [v. necessary] part of the party with some pink grapefruit, melon peach and tangerine juices from Whole Foods 365 to add to our champagne for mimosas. I don't shop at Whole Foods often, for the sheer fact that I also don't leave our house often (nap time juggle), but when I was there, those juices stopped me in my tracks. And then I found the sparkling rose in cans.. so necessary. (Think Pink). Anyway, the rest of the goodies, were last minute for me, as was the party. (Side note. Charlotte's First Birthday was just two days before my 30th birthday! We had plans to be in Mexico for my 30th, and could not entertain over that same weekend. So we hosted a mini party at home the weekend prior). I opted for Amazon Prime, because.. a week or two last minute prep.. two day free shipping.. mom win. And Here is what I came up with! I'm sharing all of this with you because a lot can happen with a little bit of decorations, a fun bar, and some fresh flowers. 

One funny last thing I need to share. I had so much going on the week of her birthday celebration, that I forgot to call the bakery back about the design plan of the cake and smash cake. I called them the morning before the party, frantically, saying, oh my, I forgot to share the cake idea! I was supposed to send in an inspiration picture.. Well, as luck would have it, they no longer could make the birthday cake! SOOOO... I made the birthday cake and smash cake the night before the party. And they actually turned out just as I had envisioned, with some fresh flowers. The flowers definitely help distract from the fact that the cake was totally lopsided. Shop the party below! Enjoy! (And I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below or on my Instagram :) ).


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