To Renovate or Not

Posted by Katie Grabner on

After 5 beautiful and amazing years in our home, my husband and I keep going back to the same question. Should we renovate? Do we want to renovate? Do we want to LIVE through a renovation..?!


It’s easy to walk around a home you’ve lived in for so long and day dream about what you can do to make improvements. We moved into this house at the end of 2010. We always thought this would be our 5-7 year home, and now that 5 years have already passed, we aren’t sure we are ready to pack our bags and bolt. We have spent endless hours searching for the next bigger and better home. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve actually been on the hunt for 2 years. We’ve toured more than a handful of homes and when there have been times that I’ve actually found ones online that I like, I drive by it first before calling up our amazing real estate agent. I’m always glad that I do, because pictures can be so deceiving!


Before you go recommending a house that’s perfectly perfect, there is so much more to the story. First and foremost, we are BLESSED to have had the opportunity to live in such an amazing first home. Everything was move-in ready, in the perfect location, seconds from the cutest town in the area, and this home overflows with charm in every. single. corner. Secondly, we have very specific wish list items we are looking for in a possible next home and we have no desire to leave unless we truly feel those have been met. Everyone’s problem, right? A real estate agents biggest nuisance – a specific wish list for the right price and in the right location. That brings me to my next point. Location, location, location. My husband and I are also so blessed to have both grown up in the area, with both families nearby. We don’t want to move away from what we both know. The areas we are looking, homes all have been around for a while. I’m being nice when I say they need some (or LOTS) of TLC. And while we don’t live in California, the sizable homes also come with a hefty price tag.


After all, we have plenty of space in our current home and have so much love for where we are now. So after lots of dabbling, to renovate or not? To be continued. 


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