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Hi friends, I wanted to start by saying that my initial intentions in this kitchen project was actually not to share with everyone. But today, I am sharing because it truly is one of the greatest complements when someone comes up to me out of the blue at an event or in any given scenario and says, "Katie, I love following what you have been up to and your home is so beautiful." It is my friends who have inspired me to share our journey in our new home and so it is important to start with saying thank you for your support! Truly.

If you read my post yesterday about The Before Kitchen Pictures at the New House, then you already know what a big endeavor this was for us. There was a lot of patience required in getting the kitchen that I now present before you. When we moved in, the list of projects seemed endless... It was the middle of the summer, we didn't have a laundry room yet, we didn't have any yard yet, we didn't have a complete kitchen, we had two children under the age of two, we had over 27 wedding-related events and we had just moved for the second time out of our temporary rental home and in to our new home! And I really am not complaining, because I really do feel so blessed. But I won't say this project was smooth sailing all along. With almost every project, something has gone slightly awry. So, eventually, we just had to sit back and laugh about it and while at the time, it was challenging, we just had to go with the flow. 

All in all, I couldn't be more pleased with how our kitchen turned out. We spend so much time in it and I couldn't be more grateful to call this ours. I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks for reading along!

(I'll share product information another day).


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