Decking the Halls 2017

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This year, I wasn't sure how I'd get to decorating a whole new house. With a new space, comes new needs and I have found that a lot of items we have brought with us have not always worked in our new space. Some of the christmas items have fallen into this category. Do you sense the bright, neutral, classic/preppy vibe I am going with here? I really thought we would just get a Christmas tree this year and a wreath on the front door. I set out for just those items. BUT when do we ever buy just what we need? Whoops!
Everything changed when I got to Michaels. I couldn't resist their huge 50% off sale on Christmas decor items, so I took advantage.. three shopping carts full type of advantage.. and went a little crazy. I do plan to use these items for the coming years, so it made sense to buy it all on sale. I purchased all of my greenery garland pieces for the stairwell, the greenery on the mantle, the outdoor bows and outdoor wreaths, and the ribbon and accessories for the tree. The indoor ribbon, boxwood wreaths and tree are elsewhere.
The stairwell is actually two garlands layered on top of each other. I have a lot of railing space to cover in our new house, I only shared half of it below. I got several very basic garland pieces and put those up first. Then I arranged a second garland on top of the basic ones to give it a thicker and more realistic look. Next year, I plan to layer real eucalyptus and other branches in it, or preferrably have all fresh garland made. But I had to put my foot down somewhere this year! The mantle is an array of several different greenery pieces that I pieced together over basic garland. I found all of these greenery pieces in the single floral buckets at Michaels. I spread the leaves apart and placed them into the garland to give it a fuller look. I used four different leaf pieces to add texture and fullness.
This year for our Christmas tree, we went fake!! This is our first year with a fake tree. Believe it or not, I am not sad about it. I love the experience of buying a real tree and the look as well. With young children, this is just so much more convenient for us. I talk about this a little more here, and I also talk about how to achieve the cascading ribbon look on your tree. 
Thanks for reading along and checking out our Christmas decor this year! If you'd like any links for products, just comment on my blog below. Also, I'd love to know what you think, comment below and share! Thanks! 

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  • Hi Elizabeth, the planters are actually black! I purchased the exact link to the ones I purchased myself and I see that everywhere else they are sold, they also appear to be a beige/black color but everyone is also commenting that they arrived as black :) Hope that helps!

    Katie on
  • This is so pretty! Did you paint your front porch planters black, or did they come that way? I don’t see black ones on the site :)

    Elizabeth on
  • Looks incredible!

    Doug on

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