Classic Gold Monogram Necklace

- +

- Vermeil (14 kt Gold over Sterling Silver)

- Monogram approx. 1.5" x 1"

- 18" Long

Please Note:  All monograms will be produced exactly as submitted. Once you place an order it cannot be cancelled or altered due to the customization of the item. This is final sale only.

Traditional monogrammed initials are ordered First Name initial, Last Name initial, and Middle or Maiden Name initial. However, this is a custom piece so you may choose any three letters or order of letters that you wish. Please select the letters as you'd like them to appear from left to right. The letter that you place in the middle (usually the Last Name initial) will be larger and in the center. 

For example: If your full name is Katherine Elizabeth Smith you would want to submit your initials in the following order "KSE.' The last name initial, in this case S for Smith, will be the letter that is in the center and larger. 

SHIPS 5 WEEKS FROM ORDER with standard processing.

SHIPS 3 WEEKS FROM ORDER with expedited processing.



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