Warranties and Repair Policies


No Cash refund will be issued. For returns of goods tendered under this Sales Contract to be effective, the Seller must receive written notice of that return  at its headquarters within 14 days after delivery. Returns are allowed only if nonconformity is substantial and noncurable. Please take these steps, with Invoice Number and description of all defects of the goods on which the Buyer intends to rely for damaged items. The failure of Buyer to comply with these conditions shall constitute irrevocable acceptance of the goods by Buyer and Buyer is barred from any remedy. All returns must be shipped back  to Seller’s headquarters. All goods returned must be clean and packed neatly. Seller has the right to refuse any returned goods  or to credit the Buyer with the lesser amount paid, if the goods are damaged through improper packing or improper display methods at Buyer’s locations.

Repair Policies:

If items are in need of repair, please contact the seller at kgrabner@clagettdesigns.com with a description of the issue. Seller is not reliable for any damages to jewelry. Seller reserves the right to choose what steps can be made to repair jewelry. If jewelry is in need of repair, repair costs and shipping costs must be paid in full before jewelry is repaired and returned the buyer.