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Hi friends! For those of you that do not know, Jeff and I recently moved into a new home this summer. I have been so excited to share many of the projects and interior decorating that we have undertaken (and plan on doing so), however, I have quickly learned that everything takes time. It's unbelievable how much work goes into a new home and we have struggled to find the time with two little ones to get to the many projects completed as fast as we would like to! Slowly but surely, everything is really coming together and as things piece together I am eager to share.
In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share a simple project that is underway. We are starting to jazz up our front hall bath. When I said everything takes time, it really does! ..Waiting for wallpaper, scheduling, hiring and planning projects with contractors, waiting for lighting fixtures to arrive (6 weeks.. ugh), etc. It's hard to be patient when you are ready for things to be completed.
Our half baths on the first floor are pretty bland and I am looking forward to adding a little bit of durability and color to them. For both of our baths we will be doing a white trim wall. I love the classic and basic look of the trim in some of the inspiration photos below. I wanted to use paper on our walls, but quickly realized that when going to dry your hands that you drip on the wall. I figured with many years ahead with young children, it would be best to add white wainscoting to both of our first floor half baths. I also love this idea because tile was not something I wanted on our first floor baths and the white wainscoting would help break up the wallpaper. We don't have windows in the first floor baths and in a tight space, floor-to-ceiling wallpaper could look a little overwhelming.
In our front hall half bath, I had our home builder add two wall sconces on either side of our mirror. Well, it was not until after they were installed that I realized how SPECIFIC you have to be with your builder in all aspects of everything. I really thought I had thought of every last detail. "What height on the wall would the sconces make the most sense?" is a good starting question. You have to ask yourself, what sconces do you envision? Well I envisioned this look for wall sconces - here. Well, where the sconces were put on the wall and with the mirror I selected, it would have looked really silly to use these sconces. The electrical was too high for the height of the sconces I wanted and so I had to think of something different. The second small obstacle I ran into was the width of the electrical for the sconces. This is partially decided on where your studs are. Only a certain width mirror would work and I didn't have enough room between the sconces for some of the mirrors I really loved. I had 26" to work with so I was left with a 24" max width mirror to buy. This mirror needed to be tall for the height of the ceilings and sconce height but also skinny! (The mirror I chose is below). I'm sharing this information for anyone else who may be interested in updating a bath with wall sconces or who may be building or renovating a home!
Next, I have fully invested our home in the blue and white category, with the acceptation of Charlotte's room, the living room, dining room and guest bedrooms. So I am also sharing the paper I chose below that fits the mold. 
Below are some inspiration photos. The first one, is the vibe I really wanted for our bathroom. I actually searched for a grasscloth in this color at the design centre. I didn't quite find the color I was really hoping for so I went with a pagoda Schumacher print that I am really excited about.

Lastly, our other half bath wallpaper is going to be a 6 week lead time so I'll share that one when it is complete.

Blue grasscloth powder room.

Chinoiserie style powder room clad in Thibaut South Sea Wallpaper in Navy which frames large .

This chic update of a traditional style home in New Jersey caught my attention. Featured over on House Beautiful,  the home belongs to i...

Grasscloth wallpaper in powder room. Thomas O'brien Bryant sconces, West Elm metal mirror
Here are the before pictures of our current half bath (so boring, I know!):

Here is my "design board:"
I also plan to add lucite fixtures but have not found my favorites yet.
All of my current posts are non-affiliated links. I'm just sharing because I love decorating! Thanks for reading :)
Polished Nickel with Natural Paper Shade

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