Mules For this Fall & Winter

Posted by Katie Grabner on

I found these darling mules for a STEAL of a deal on a website I haven't actually shopped on before. I was browsing around to see if could find a few casual pieces that didn't cost an arm and a leg and once I saw these, I knew I needed to have them. I was actually a little skeptical on what the quality would be. I have to say, the pictures looked great, but you never know when you are spending so little on a pair of shoes what they will end up looking like in person! Or feeling like on your feet, for that matter. I have to say I am quite impressed with my first try on. They are comfortable and I would never peg them at the under $20 price point that they are! In my opinion, I would assume they were a higher end shoe if I saw a friend wearing them. So the secret is out. These are a great look-a-like high end shoe. Since they are unique looking and memorable, I was happy with their lower price point, since I won't be able to wear them as much.

This purchase actually inspired me to find some other great looking mules for this Fall & Winter at various price points. When you see a high end shoe, I tried to find a look-a-like cost-friendly one. A ton of these come in multiple colors too. These are all relatively great price points, with a few expensive ones mixed in. I hope you find one that you love to add to your collection! Happy Shopping Friends!

P.S. In the pictured shoes, I'm usually a 7.5 and I sized up to their equivalent size 8 and they are perfect.

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