Parker's First Birthday

Posted by Katie Grabner on

It's been a while since I have posted anything and I hope to add some more soon. We have been busy renovating our house and I have spent the first few months of summer taking every advantage of Parker's nap time while growing a new little one!

We celebrated Parker's first birthday this past weekend (a week early) and had the best time with our friends and family! We also found out some very exciting news. We went to get an ultrasound on Thursday and had the technician put the gender of our newest addition to the family in an envelope. We went straight to the bakery and dropped off the envelope and waited until Parker's birthday party to find out the gender of our next baby. Parker was the lucky one who revealed to all of us in his smash cake that he will have a baby SISTER arriving in early February. We are all thrilled and could not be more excited that we were able to spend the weekend with friends and family for two very exciting celebrations.

As always, I have the best time party planning. It is my favorite hobby and thing to do! We had his birthday at the pool and kept things fun and casual. The focus was on the kids and families and we wanted to make sure that they all had a great time. I hope you enjoy some of these photos! The day before Parker's party, we snapped some pictures of him with pink balloons and then blue ones to share after we found out what the newest addition to the family would be. See those pictures here.




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